As longtime readers of this blog are probably aware, we used to raise chickens. LOTS of chickens, at least as far as urban, backyard flocks go. We had a laying flock of about 75-150, with plans to have about 300, and at our most productive, I was taking about 100 broilers to the processor every […]

Even now, three years after our last chicken disappeared, I still get calls from people looking for eggs or chicken. I hate taking these calls, because it hurts me to disappoint these people. I want to raise chickens, but I haven’t been able to do so for three years. Initially, this was because I didn’t […]

We tapped some of our trees for the first time today. At first, I was having trouble with the sap dripping out around the spiles, so I tore strips off a plastic grocery bag and wrapped them around the spiles like Teflon tape on a threaded pipe fitting. This caused the spile to fit snugly […]

The government refuses to force food manufacturers to list GMOs on their ingredient lists. But if you’re trying to avoid genetically modified food, at least you have the option of growing your own or buying from a local grower whose methods you can observe…or do you? Writer Bonnie Kristian talks about how the same thinking […]

To feed our wood stove, I’ve been gathering fallen limbs and trees from the forest and bucking them with a miter saw. It takes me about an hour to get enough wood to last us 2-3 days. Then I set a few logs–about enough to fill the stove twice–on top of the stove to dry […]

No, those aren’t giant coffee beans. It’s come to my attention that there’s a demand for pawpaw seeds and people are paying outlandish prices for them. One person out in New Albany was selling nine seeds for $4.00, and that’s considered to be the lower end of the going rate now. Some people are charging […]

The deer, having accidentally ripped through the flimsy deer netting I put up, have figured out that they’re capable of breaking through it, so it’s become useless. Many nights over the past couple weeks, I’ve had to run outside to chase deer out of the garden. Earlier this summer, they’d torn down the netting in […]

The whole family just picked about a bushel and a half of acorn squash. I had done a “Three Sisters” thing with my Glass Gem corn this year, planting squash and corn in alternating rows so the lush foliage of the squash vines would shade out any weeds around the corn, and planting pole beans […]

Nice ones: Plenty more where that came from. We have summer squash, too–some with smooth yellow skin, some with bumpy yellow skin and crooked necks, and dark green zucchini. You can buy green tomatoes right off the vine, too, if you’re interested. Come get ’em. info@frijolitofarm.com (614) 390-2692