peach trees

A veggie seller called The Greener Grocer that used to be in North Market used to give me scraps for my chickens. The broilers wouldn’t touch any of it, so I threw it all to the laying hens. I’d just pull the truck up next to their run and throw everything over the fence. They […]

  People often buy chicks, ducklings, and bunnies for Easter only to find soon after that they don’t want them anymore. Schools sometimes hatch eggs so students can see how it happens, but forget to arrange for the care of the animals after they’ve hatched. This can lead to animal neglect, abandonment, or worse. If […]

As many of you know, we had a lot of trouble with thieves and vandals in 2012, both animal rights activists and common burglars. Because of this, we’re making some serious security upgrades before getting back into the business of selling meat and eggs regularly. I’m repairing fences up front and building some new ones […]

We used to raise chickens–LOTS of chickens, at least as far as urban, backyard flocks go–until county regulations changed and required us to have more land to be able to raise the same number of chickens we’d had before. We needed to purchase the vacant lot next door to be allowed to get back into […]

In anticipation of the storm that came earlier this afternoon, I brought in most of the onions from the front porch–the ones that were done curing or mostly done.

On one of the Facebook pages I follow, people talked about a clearance sale on vegetable seeds at Dollar General. People were getting packs of seeds for as little as two cents each. I checked around, found that the Dollar General in Gahanna still had seeds, and sure enough, everything was marked 90% off. I […]

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about Adam Guerrero, an urban farmer in Memphis who was fighting for the right to garden in the city. I recently received an email from Stephanie Diane Ford, a colleague of his, updating me on their situation. The gardens have grown and several urban farmers there […]

After a few long nights, and by the generosity of Elephant Revival, who allowed us to use their song, “The Pasture,” Mayda and I have finally finished the video for our Indiegogo campaign which launched five days ago. We’re trying to raise money to purchase a vacant lot next door. Doing so will make our […]