Wild apple foraging yields 41 lbs. of apples today from some trees on a vacant lot in our neighborhood.

Aunt Mary's Sweet Corn Heirloom Ohio

A local heirloom from the 19th Century, Aunt Mary’s Sweet Corn, is said to have come from a single farm in Darby Plains (in Prairie Township), Ohio, just outside the west outer-belt of Columbus.

On September 25th, I will have 16-week old pullets available, $20 each. I have Golden Comets and Barred Rocks. Yes, Meyer Hatchery has them for $12.88, but getting them from me, you won’t have to pay for shipping or make a 3-hour round trip to pick them up, AND, unlike Meyer’s started pullets, my girls […]

Tomatoes  $3.00/lb, mostly Romas Ripe           Ripening             Green Pears  $2.50/lb.             Swiss Chard, $2.00/bunch           Tomatoes and pears pictured are actual amounts on hand. The chard was just picked for the photo–we can pick more on […]

A friend recently expressed concern on Facebook that it was too late to start “prepping.” As I was responding, it occurred to me that others might find this helpful, so I’m sharing it here as an open letter. While not related to agriculture, I’m posting it here on the farm blog, as what follows may […]

I haven’t updated the product listings for a while, so I wanted to leave a post here to let you know what’s available and what’s coming. All I have in stock at the moment are black raspberries and a few varieties of garden seeds (Glass Gem corn, Anasazi beans, and Cranberry beans). Around August I’ll […]

Attention OHGers! In the event that Facebook takes down the Ohio Homesteaders and Gardeners Group for whatever reason, you can leave a comment on this post to let other members know how to get in touch with you. I told you all before that Woodland Urban Farm can serve as a rally point where folks […]

corn varieties

Last year I bought a bunch of corn seed I never got to plant. (Just as well since the ducks ate all the corn I did plant.) Now I have so many varieties to choose from, and so few places to plant it without cross-pollinating unless I want to fight with tassle bags again this […]